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Unlike some people’s beliefs that tantric massage is only meant for a sexual release or a happy ending is quite not true. Many misunderstandings revolve around the word tantra, but the real tantric massage is not meant for this. It is only that some people are misusing this concept and modifying it as per their needs and wants and labelling it that way. Tantra is a way of life, where you start respecting your body, by bringing the right balance between your mind, body and soul. If the giver of the tantric massage is an expert, she’ll be able to achieve this balance for you. A tantra massage combines the traditional massage techniques with sexual energy to give you an aroused feeling. It aids in awakening the seven energy centers, which are known as chakras. These chakras are located along the spine and the masseuse will align it, to release the energy stored within. Once she does this, all the blocked energy will start flowing throughout your whole body, starting at the base of the spine and then rising throughout the rest of the body.

Tantra helps you to start taking a very different approach towards life. It is the union of two opposites, the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. Here we are not only talking about the meeting of the yin and yang, but a divine union, which takes the person to a level beyond the apparent separation. It’s the spiritual awakening of the body, mind and soul, which makes you appreciate all the finer things in life and leave out all the negativities. It makes life worth living and makes you live life to the fullest.

After a tantric massage London, you will be able to concentrate better on your work, because your line of focus is enhanced, but some people just want to exploit it for their own personal pleasure. Coming for a tantric massage with sexual pleasure in mind is not the right approach towards this massage, but instead if you are thinking of being renewed, refreshed and invigorated, then a tantric massage is the right choice for you.

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