Notting Hill Gate

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Tantric Massage Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate is one of the main access road of Notting Hill. It is located in the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington. In ancient times, this street was the place for tollgates. This place derives it’s new name from this fact. At Kensington Palace Gardens, Bayswater street becomes Notting Hill Gate, which continues westward and then becomes Holland Park Avenue.

Notting Hill is an abbreviation for Notting Hill Gate and is a very popular place in London. A lot of people come to visit this place and the locals too enjoy staying out here. So one of the things these people enjoy is getting themselves a nuru massage Notting Hill Gate. This massage is so relaxing that you forget all your tensions and worries.

A Notting Hill Gate massage is soothing and touches the soul. It’s the ultimate form of relaxation wherein a beautiful tantric goddess pours some nuru gel on you, this gel is made of sea weed and then she caresses and massages by gliding her entire body over yours’. Can you imagine such a scenario? If you have never experienced a london nuru massage before, it is good to imagine this situation as you read. It’ll be totally divine and mind-blowing.

There is no sex involved in these kind of massages. Of course, when a beautiful lady glides and slides over you, you may get orgasms, but it’s just that, there’s nothing more than this. However, the feeling is fabulous and magnificent, which no amount of words can explain. It’s purely divine and magical. The masseuse also applies the gel over her own body and hence the gliding and sliding becomes more smoother and slippery. The word nuru simply means body slide, it’s a Japanese form of massage. In your nuru massage in Notting Hill Gate the receiver and the giver are nude and is an exhilarating experience!


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